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Reverse Engineering Services<\/h2>\n


What is Reverse Engineering?<\/h3>\n

Reverse engineering is a process in which software, machines and architectural structures are deconstructed to extract design information. In many cases, reverse engineering involves deconstructing individual components of more complex products. The reverse engineering process enables Mechanical Power engineers to determine how specific part was designed so that you can recreate it. Companies often use this approach when seeking a replacement part from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is not an option.<\/p>\n

One area Mechanical Power (MPI) sets itself apart from the competition is the ability to reverse engineer custom components. Often, we run in to OEM manufacturers in the Automotive<\/a>, Agriculture<\/a>, Industrial<\/a>, Power Transmission industries <\/a>that may not have a print (i.e. CAD drawing) for a part they need.<\/p>\n

We take a sample of the part, perform necessary analysis, measure physical dimensions, features, and material properties to create the necessary documentation to source the part to customer requirements. Often, OEM\u2019s cannot find a print, may not yet have a print for a prototype in new product development or cannot acquire the print from the incumbent supplier, etc.<\/p>\n

Our have seen all the reasons and the reasons are not what we focus on. We focus on the needs of the customer and find a way to positions ourselves to clearly define the requirements of the part to our supply base and effectively source it for the customer.<\/p>\n

Mechanical Power in-house quality lab has adequate machinery, instrumentation, and human capital very capable of performing dynamic analytics leading to a full understanding of the part requirements. We utilize a common CMM and are in the process of evaluating and sourcing more modern instrumentation in the form of robotic arms capable of digitally scanning parts of all shapes and sizes to quickly generate requirements of a part. Where necessary, we utilize 3rd party sources with whom we have worked for many years for things like metallurgical analysis and testing.<\/p>\n

We consistently responds to the requests of our customers. Over the years, we have been asked to leverage skills of our engineering team and reverse engineer custom components.<\/p>\n

Why we get reverse engineering requests:<\/h4>\n

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